Patrick, I`m glad you liked our site! The TAA countries are those that have trade agreements with the United States. The common NATO is not a trade agreement that could confer A country-designated status. However, the EU currently has trade agreements with the US and, as a result, all members are TAA compliant countries. We will continue to check the various sources listed at the end of this blog in order to maintain our list of countries designated by the TAA. Another thing to keep in mind is the essential transformation. Check that your product has been „partially manufactured“ in a country and processed primarily in a country marked by TAA, it can continue to be classified as a TAA compliant. Good luck! There are no exceptions for Cisco. You can reach them directly. Here are some links that can help: (b) delivery of finished products. The contract agent found that the WTO ACCORD and free trade AGREEMENTs apply to this acquisition. Unless otherwise stated, these trade agreements apply to all items in the calendar. Under this contract, the supplier only supplies finished products manufactured or designated in the United States, unless its offer indicates the delivery of other finished products in the „commercial contract certificate“ provision. The Trade Agreements Act (TAA) was created to promote fair international trade with certain designated countries.

Companies that work with foreign products or services need to know which companies are limited to comply with taA and GSA. The U.S. government was required to purchase only U.S.-made products and services or finished products from TAA companies. . (2) Refers to a product offered for sale as part of a supply contract, but for calculating the value of the acquisition, including services (other than transportation services) that are next to the item, provided that the value of these ancillary services does not exceed the value of the item itself. Good morning, Matt. If your parts, manufacturing and assembly take place in China, then it seems that your products do not conform to the TAA. Here is a language directly derived from the FAR: „essential transformation“ (i.e.

transformation of an article into a new and other article of commerce, with a different name, character or use of the original article). Hello, we buy SKD kits from Turkey and do the assembly in Poland. However, one of the components is the most expensive and its origin is China. Since we are doing the final assembly in Poland, can we say that this product is in accordance with the TAA? (1) General note 3, point c), products eligible for a special tariff regime. Thank you for your interest. Is TAA a compliance requirement for dietary supplements? for example; Market Sale and Pharmacy Sale So We Should Do, We Have a Chance to Get a TAA Compliance Certificate for the Company If you have a GSA calendar, you must accept that all products or services you sell have been essentially processed when they come from outside the United States.