Similarly, the U.S.-China trade agreement provides for faster food security controls for imports to China and faster authorizations for GMOs in China47. China authorized the importation of genetically modified papaya and soybeans from the United States in December 2019 and authorized five genetically modified plants for animal feed the following month.48 25 See Amiti Sen`s latest: „For the eleventh time, WTO postpones decision on the dispute between India and the United States over the implementation of poultry rules,“ Hindu Business Line, 30. April 2020, first, there have been a number of discoveries from the experience of our previous A.A. In 2018, a NITI-Aayog note on free trade agreements reported india`s unrivalled and growing trade deficits as a result of free trade agreements with ASEAN, Japan and Korea. It is important that the deficit has also widened for India`s dominant value-added sectors, reflecting a deterioration in the quality of India`s trade with its free trade partners. Read also: Modi, Trump had distanced himself from it. Today, mega-trade agreements will return after Covid 3 Banikinkar Pattanayak, „Indo-American Trade: FTA talks can begin after the US elections,“ Financial Express, 16 March 2020, Vietnam, which is forming huge competition for many economies, has already signed a trade pact with the EU. „It is very important to see who is really interested in this rapid free trade agreement,“ said Afsar Jafri of GRAIN, an international NGO that supports small farmers. Jafri said that peasants were a major electoral bank for Trump and that he may be seeking access to India`s market on the eve of the U.S. presidential election to gain their trust.

1 „Trump, Modi hope that the talks will lead to the first phase of the U.S.-India trade agreement: White House,“ Reuters, February 26, 2020, list of agreements between two states, two blocs or a bloc and one state. Soybeans and its products are the most marketed agricultural products in the world and account for more than 10% of the total value of the world`s agricultural trade.