2. ACCEPTATION – This order constitutes an offer from the Buyer to the Seller under the terms and conditions specified in the text of the order and becomes a binding contract with acceptance by confirmation or service. This offer is limited to these conditions and the conditions and no derogations are acceptable. Suppliers should carefully read the guarantors to ensure that there are no outstanding issues they are aware of, especially where they have been able to carry out work on the property. If there are problems, there may be a special condition that keeps the buyer up to date and will end the charge. One example is an „as is, where is“ clause, which could, for example, refer to an unlicensed garage. Where consumers can find a sales contract before the sale, the seller joins another company to keep all the real estate of the former to rent it back. REA receives numerous applications, some of which become complaints about sales and sales contracts. The most misunderstood areas are: 21. IMPSES – The seller pays or pays all taxes, including federal, regional and local excise duties levied on or in connection with the manufacture, sale or placement of one or all of this type of property and work, including without being limited to all public and communal property taxes held by the seller until it is delivered to the buyer. , including property covered in paragraph 6, with the exception of those payable by the buyer and not payable by the seller under applicable national or communal law. However, buyers generally have very limited information about the property they are buying. As a result, the buyer`s lawyers create a generic GSO that, as might be expected, may not be able to deal with all relevant issues related to the transaction, particularly those with conditions (see article below).

These are particularly complemented in the formal agreement. 10. INDEMNIFICATIONS – The seller must defend and compensate the buyer, his successors, the beneficiaries of the assignment, the customers and users of his products of all losses and damages, including legal fees, as all claims and complaints require a violation or infringement of patents, trademarks or copyright resulting from the sale or use of the products offered here. , with the exception of the seller no liability for patent infringement for goods, to which the buyer provides complete specifications.