At Espresso Translations, our understanding of the complexity of business and international negotiations means that we are able to offer contractual language services to many sectors, transactions and agreements, no matter how small, complex or long. If you are buying real estate abroad, a complete and idiomatic translation of the original document means that you know exactly what you agree with all the restrictions or restrictions you don`t know about. Every worker should have a written employment contract. It can be either an individual agreement or a collective agreement. An individual agreement contains general employment rules for society as well as specific provisions. It is signed by the employee and the employer. Collective agreements are negotiated in good faith between a registered union and an employer on behalf of its members. Employers must not have undue influence over workers in order to join a union or not. There are no two agreements, and to ensure that the specific terms of your contractual translations are fully understood, we work with specialized officials who have a thorough understanding of legal issues with specific contract experience. This additional skill level, beyond language skills, means that they fully understand the exact and often complex terminology of your agreement, make it consistent and correspond to the legal frameworks of the target language of which they are native speakers. There are certain provisions that must be legally enshrined in employment contracts and there are also a number of minimum conditions that must be met, whether or not they are included in the agreements. Labour law also provides a framework for negotiating additional rights.

Similarly, with our contract translation services, thanks to an accurate translation of your merger contracts with the German distributor of your Italian product, you can be sure that you fully understand the terms of your deal, knowing that it was carried out by someone who has experience in translation of mergers and acquisitions. Within an hour of contact with our specialized translation office, with details on the nature of the legal contract that you wish to translate from us, we can offer you a complete and precise offer so that the entry in your contractual translations can take place as quickly as possible. HOW DOES THE QUALITY GUARANTEE CERTIFIED E-CONTRACT TRANSLATIONS? 1. Bring the employment contract to the ILUMINATA office in Nemestia sv. Egdia 18/41 (the ALFA building) during our opening hours between 8:30 a.m. .m.